My Chai Tamaasha

India’s obsession for chai is rooted in the timeless tradition of stopping for a moment to connect with one another. It will not be wrong to say that the magical aroma of Chai is India’s signature fragrance.

Art is universal and has the power to overcome the boundaries and reach out to hearts in a jiffy and so is the case with a hot cup of tea! When we sip a sweet warm cup of chai we relax and let our guard down, the inhibitions are thrown away and a space is created for a conversation! For some people a cup of tea/ a glass of Chai is a moment of reflection where every sip whispers a thought! For others who are away and out, it serves as a warm hug from home. Bonds are strengthened over a cup of tea for sure!

Both art and chai, in their old and new avatars, crossing boundaries and blending with unknown flavors… reach and satiate those who are AR-TEA-STIC.

The recycled teabags used in the installation symbolize a thousand and a half cups of tea which played their part in bringing hearts closer “without borders”. Each little tea bag here has a story in its heart…happy moments, laughters, new beginnings, and some sad tales too…each of them has the mighty power to tug at your heart strings!

And the cutting chai glass especially for my new love …“Mumbai”.

It is a treat of taste, aroma and memory which visually comes alive in this installation.

The process of making this installation from teabags has just been like meditation. While working with these teabags, as always, I had to slow down and acknowledge the little yet precious moments in my life. I used this zen like teabag language to satiate the artist within and celebrate interconnectedness without borders.