Tum Rang Ho Umeed Ka

In collaboration with Artists Ami Patel and Dr. Vimmie Manoj I created the video above to spread the message of hope during the pandemic.

the creative visuals are our own individual efforts and the words have been written by me.

Romancing the Earth

As I touch you every morning
You remind me to run
Barefoot with you
Through the pathless woods
To find the sparkles that
Moon hides
In those glistening dew drops
Every night.
To find the treasures
Rocks, pebbles and feathers
Leaves, seeds, twigs and flowers.
And then shimmering butterflies and chirpy sparrows
Beckon us forward,
Forward through the curling grapevine
And lead us to the
Flame of the forest,
Down, down to the blue river
With a floating, pink, cotton candy cloud!
And it is then this moment
Oh! dear Earth
I fall in love with you once again!
I know, I know you are within me
You are not outside of me
And I am not outside of you
Yet my love I take refuge in you.
I breathe you,
I drink you.
You nourish me,
You heal me.
And today
As you take me in your soft embrace
Let me tend
to your broken heart
Let me love your
Unloved parts.
Let me gather
Your shattered fragments
Reassemble them
Unbreak them
With all my love.
Let me be your healer now
Let me smoothen
And embellish your scars
I know you are
Let me soothe the visible
And the invisible.
Let me turn your injuries into
Cracks of gold
Into lines of strength
With stories magnificent.
Yes, let me be your healer now!
And then you sing songs
Of cycles and rhythms
Of circles and spirals
Of rains and sunshine
Of phases and seasons
And I will be home
To tune myself to your pace
Wrapped up around deep roots, warm, tranquil and safe!



Lift the veil and read
My silent language…
My quiet eyes will carry you
To the places of magic!
The sunrises
That you plant on my forehead
Are growing bright
And charming!
The twinkling rainbows
That your fingers
Braid in my hair
Smell like fields of flowers!
Your heart of gold
Entwined with my stardust soul
His finest work of art and
A story untold!
And as I unfold
Myself into your arms
I dip my brush
In whispers of coloured words
And paint love
That gives me a pulse!


Turning Pointe

I sat there that moment
with a spark in my eyes
curious…confused… marveling
where my strength lies…
looking for a miracle
happening now …happening here
a moment …that is magical
and I looked and looked everywhere
every shadow… each star
every thorn… each flower
I looked… and …searched
in the sun …and in the shower
what made me different
I wondered
and in this quest for illumination
I surrendered
I sat there that moment
my heart … still…
calm… and listening to each beat
I tried to look within
and then I found I am here
to live this ‘now’
to let my radiance shine
to be me… and to be a WOW

I Am The Universe

I am the radiance of the sun,
the unrelenting rains,
the vastness of the sky,
The might of the mountains.

I am the depth of the untamed oceans,
the flow of the rivers,
the flutter of the butterflies,
the essence of flowers.

Bound By galaxies
Stardust in my soul
I am moons wrapped in skin
A joy to behold.

I am whole and complete
I Am love and compassion
I am the universe
Yes, I am a Woman!


Watch My Rising

No matter what
I will not give up
come what may
I will live it up
For their words
I don’t care
I smile
and that’s my flair
Will pull myself out
from every strife
Know this is me
and this is my life
If I fall apart
I would gather those pieces
Mend myself…rebuild myself
and make myself
what I have
dreamt to be!
Like a new dawn follows
the dark scary night
so would I rise…
and rise…
and that’s my right!
With all my flaws
I will ‘Just be’
a Limited Edition
YES, that’s what I am born to be!
YES, I am a dreamer…
and a believer
Now …they will
watch my rising!!

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