Little Pockets of Hope

Born from the womb of nature and destined to return back to it, we are indeed weaved by the same fine threads that intertwine and compose the rest of the universe. This installation titled “Little Pockets of Hope” draws inspiration from the concept of a life cycle, wherein the nurturing of seeds in their fundamental meaning leads to their transformation into various life forms, with the utility of each obtainable product thus increasing stupendously. Seeds have always fascinated me. Some hard as rock – unaffected by hammers, blows & chisels. Others tiny and frail – always quiet and enigmatic, pulsing with power inside, just waiting to be ignited.They always set me wondering how something so tiny can transform itself into something so immense.

Saving seeds has long been the primary way to pass plants down from generation to generation. The concept of saving the seeds as in the case of Seed Vaults
whether it is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway or Navdanya in Himalayas, has greatly inspired me! My love for reused teabags has nudged me to use them as
“Little Pockets of Hope” here, as they safely carry seeds inside. I have rescued branches from trees cut in my locality and also made use of a variety of dried seed
pods, twigs, leaves, flowers and other such findings from nature. Over the course of making this installation, I have realized that this installation was
my “seed”. Just as a seed needs daily nutrition and watering, I have done the same for my installation, having embarked on daily trips into my neighbourhood, scouting
for seed pods of interesting shapes and sizes. And just as the seed would germinate into a sapling, my collection of seedpods and branches has germinated into my