About Me


I am an Artist, a Writer and a Sustainable Art Activist.

I have let myself be drawn by the strong pull of what I love to do. I am a self-taught and learn and get inspired by the things around me. Most of the times my artwork is inspired from my own poems and writings and vice-versa.

I am obsessed with the magic of color and adore pattern. I am mesmerized by different cultures, their dress and their adornments. I am most intrigued by faces and often use them in my art. I love to mix faces, patterns, the floral, the geometric, the stripe, the intricate infusing bold and bright colors with subtle. I love to play, to mix and match using textures using crayon, pencils, micron pens, water colors, acrylic and oil- paints in my work and any bits that take my fancy! Mixed media is my forte!The healing properties of Zentangles made me adopt this art too and I am sure it can help many if taught in the right environment. I make murals too.

I also create environment friendly art by recycling things. I love the unpredictability of materials we throw as trash. I get easily carried away with their strange shapes, textures, colours. I feel such things always carry a story to be heard as against their state of abandoned worthlessness. One day, the beautiful stains of tea on a used teabag grabbed my attention. The shades of tea and the various hues which had appeared, after I had brewed it for some time fascinated me! And so I began to create miniature art on teabags.

Besides doing a few exhibitions for charity, I have worked with multiple NGOs in India as well as abroad and taught under -privileged children how to create art from trash.

Visit my blog at http://beneathmyheartart.blogspot.com/