Kaleidoscope Peacock

kaleido peacock


Dimensions 23cmx30cm

Mixed media

Inspired from my poem

“Kaleidoscope Peacock”

I have nothing to lose …and nothing to win
and there is nothing to prove too
I just want to dance,,,
… like a peacock  🙂
my dreams …
like its plumage…glorious
spread all over…
as if to embrace all that is around !
my eyes …
with the same vision…
sharp and clear
thankful for the beauty abound !

my heart …
like those on its feathers
ready to surrender
to the immortal love !
my conscience
reaching out…
forever grateful !
I just want to dance
… like a peacock
and leave a mark…
which glitters and sparkles
and I do want to make it happen !!