Feelings 77


Feelings 77 is a series of work on used teabags… one feeling a day expressed on a used teabag for 77 days!

Why specifically ‘77’?
I discovered that number 77 indicates coming changes of self-discovery or increased knowledge through understanding oneself…ultimately leading to greater motivation, transformation or freedom! And yes the number I feel is catchy too!

When you are breathing in and breathing out your passion… each day is like a mini-vacation in itself! This is what happened to me as I sat down to render my feeling of the day on my canvas i.e. a tiny teabag…I felt at peace… in love and celebrated that feeling! As I reflected what my heart held at that time or may be some inspiring moment of the day… it was as if I was sharing a small bit of myself with the world around me.

Dimensions..10cm x 15cm

Medium.. Mixed Media